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                           dafabet deposit - Taiwan’s leading manufacturer of sheet metal working machines. We have built the reputation as one of Asia’s top suppliers of industrial machinery and forklift trucks. By integrating advanced research and development, manufacturing technology, and customer service, dafabet deposit has become a major force on several fronts.

                           One of our lines that has attracted international attention is our series of dafabet online turret punch presses.

                           dafabet deposit dafabet online turret punch presses are outstanding machines for punching and forming. Our company offers a variety of models with a wide working size ranging to 4980mm. They are ideal for manufacturing a variety of products such as precision enclosures, control cabinets, and aerospace parts.

                           Because of their outstanding design dafabet deposit dafabet online turret punch presses have been twice honred as the National Leading Product by Taiwan’s Industrial Bureau of Economic Affairs.

                            To assure maximum product quality and machinery safety the entire series had been certified as being in compliance with the ISO 9001 quality system and with CE accreditation. In addition, there are several patents associated with our dafabet deposit dafabet online punch press; this is as evidence to our industry leading design.

                           Presently we have a comprehensive dafabet online Turret Punch Press model line, for working range reaching 4980mm sized metal sheets with thickness up to 6.35 mm. There are 4 different series in total, namely: the CP model, HP models, HPS Hydraulic Servo and MAX Complex Multi-Tools model, with punching capacity 20 or 30 tons. It really is your best possible investment in production equipment.

                           After years of promotion, our international sales has been increasing rapidly, now we have worldwide agents in more than 40 countries. Besides of these agents, we set up direct sales channel in Taiwan and China, now we have over 30 branch and liaison offices in all major cities of China, after years of promotion, we are enjoying very high reputation and becoming No. 1 in both markets.

                           Our head office in Taiwan has also established an international after-service Department, staffed by the most professional experts, with complete industry experience, so as to provide prompt and satisfactory response to client queries and requests, helping our clients to operate the equipments with swift ease. Its simple maintenance procedures and considerate warranty offers lead to a drastically increased machinery lifecycle and a much lower overhead costs for clients.

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