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                VMC Series 3 Axes Box Ways,funbett Vertical Machining Center

                3 Axes Box Ways VMC

                      1. All major structural parts are manufactured from Taiwan’s high quality Meehanite cast iron, which are stress relieved for outstanding stability and minimum deformation.
                      2. The double-wall box type base combined with oversized column design lead to higher rigidity and stability.
                      3. Structural parts are manufactured from high quality Meehanite cast iron.
                      4. Double-wall box type base.
                      5. Oversized column structure.

                      The spindle runs in class P4 precision bearings and is dynamically balanced, which exhibits optimal dynamic accuracy with long lifespan.

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                                The spindle runs in high precision bearings with 100 mm spindle diameter to upgrade the spindle’s rigidity and heavy cutting capability.

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                                      The gear-drive spindle head provides two ranges of high low speed change. High torque output in low speed range allows for heavy cutting.

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                                            1. The lubrication system employs a volumetric type oil distributor and bronze oil tubes to resist acid / alkaline and corrosion.

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                                                              Item Utit VMC-147G VMC-168G VMC-168B VMC-188G VMC-188B
                                                            Travel X-axis travel mm 1400 1600 1800
                                                            Y- axis travel mm 720 850 850
                                                            Z- axis travel mm 700 700 700
                                                            Spindle Nose to Table mm 200 ~ 900 150 ~ 850 150 ~ 850
                                                            Spindle Center to Column Face mm 800 930 930
                                                            Table Working surface mm 1500 x 700 1800 x 820 1900 x 850
                                                            T-slots (width*number*pitch) mm 18 * 5 * 125 18 * 5 * 150 18 * 5 * 150
                                                            Max. table load kg 1800 2500 3000
                                                            Spindle Spindle speed rpm 6000 6000 6000/10000 6000 6000/10000
                                                            Transmission   Gear Gear Belt/Dire. drive Gear Belt/Dire. drive
                                                            Spindle nose taper   BT50
                                                            (BBT50 Opt.)
                                                            BT50 (BBT50 Opt.) BT50 (BBT50 Opt.)
                                                            Feed Rapid traverse
                                                            M/min 16 / 16 / 12 16 / 16 / 12 16 / 16 / 12
                                                            Cutting feed rate M/min 1 ~ 12 1 ~ 12 1 ~ 12
                                                            Auto Tool Changer Tool storage capacity pcs 24 (32 Opt.) 24 (32 Opt.) 24 (32 Opt.)
                                                            Tool change time
                                                            (tool to tool)
                                                            sec. 3.5 3.5 3.5
                                                            Max. tool diameter /
                                                            adj. empty tool
                                                            mm 110 / 210 110 / 210 110 / 210
                                                            Max. tool length mm 300 300 300
                                                            Max. tool weight kg 15 15 15
                                                            Miscellaneous Coolant tank capacity L 330 330 330
                                                            Electric power required KVA 35 35 35
                                                            Air pressure required kg/c㎡ 6 6 6
                                                            Machine dimensions
                                                            mm 3820x4250x3370 4260 x 4420 x 3390 4600 x 4420 x 3375
                                                            Machine weight kg 13200 16500 15500 17000 16500

                                                                    • Tools, tools kit
                                                                    • Working lamp
                                                                    • Pilot lamp
                                                                    • Coolant gun
                                                                    • Chip spray
                                                                    • Cutting coolant system
                                                                    • Cutting air blast
                                                                    • Spindle air blast
                                                                    • Seat flushing system
                                                                    • Auto lubrication system
                                                                    • Auto power off
                                                                    • RS-232
                                                                    • Heat exchanger
                                                                    • Spindle oil cooler
                                                                    • Arm type ATC 24 tools
                                                                    • Hinged type chip conveyor
                                                                    • Leveling adjustment pads and bolt
                                                                    • Full enclosed splash guard
                                                                    • Machine, Electricity, operation manual

                                                                      • jurassic-park-in-telugu
                                                                        • Coolant through spindle device
                                                                        • Linear scale
                                                                        • Hydraulic system
                                                                        • Oil mist collection device
                                                                        • Rotary working table ( The 4th axis )
                                                                        • Safety door
                                                                        • Oil skimmer
                                                                        • Auto tool length measurement
                                                                        • Oil hole holder function
                                                                        • Work piece measurement system
                                                                        • Transformer
                                                                        • Full enclosed splash guard
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